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That Fifties Look


In 1956 I was nine years old. I lived in New Haven, Connecticut. After Dick Clark's American Bandstand came on the scene, one of the New Haven television stations started a bandstand called "Connecticut Bandstand".

All the kids from the New Haven area high schools would dance on it. I loved watching Dick Clark and his Philadelphians. I tried to emulate the look and style of the girls. I remember the long, tight straight skirts and the loafers. Wide belts with big buckles, bobby sox and sweaters buttoned down the back were in. These looks were considered "hot" at that time.

Everything seemed so uncomplicated back then. However, even in those times, they had their share of controversial events and issues being discussed. Dick Clark is truly one of the great figures of the entertainment world.

To this day, I still enjoy watching him. He has such an enthusiasm for what he does. He never lost that through the years. Why don't the networks show reruns of American Bandstand? They show reruns of everything else. I would watch it all the time. The fifties look is a fond memory for me. American Bandstard epitomizes that look. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts with you.

by Kathryn Friedland

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